Zookeeper Shows Why You Should Never EVER Turn Your Back On A Tiger, If You Want To Keep Breathing

The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats in general, the Indians have tigers in their homes, and all around some of the favorite zoo exhibits for children have always been the lions and tigers. There’s just something about these creatures that seems to feel majestic to us, and if history is any teacher they will likely continue to be as long as we manage to keep the species alive. However, taking care of a large cat means a little more than just “throw the food in” like many children are apt to believe.

For years zookeepers have stressed the importance of not entering any enclosures with their animals, and those warnings have been met with a slew of people doing the exact opposite because… well, Darwinism would probably be the most correct term. If you ever *do* find yourself in an enclosure with a large cat like a tiger there’s certain things you should and should not do to ensure your highest chance of survival, and these zookeepers show exactly why you shouldn’t turn your back on the beasts!


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