Young duo sing “You Raise Me Up,” paralyze Steve Harvey with their stunning voices

Steve Harvey, the host of NBC’s new show “Little Big Shots,” invited 10-year-old Jeffrey and 7-year-old Celine on the show for an interview. These two made headlines across the Internet when a video surfaced of them performing “You Raise Me Up.”

Their personalities will melt your heart the moment you meet them. Not only are they charming and sweet, but they have adorable chemistry. The two giggle and laugh with one another while, and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh along with them! It’s clear that these two are enjoying themselves and are not shy whatsoever!

At the end of the interview, Steve invites them to sing for the audience. As the music for “You Raise Me Up” starts to play, the duo stand onstage holding microphones in hand.

The very first note left me absolutely speechless.

Jeffrey opens the song with a beautiful voice, and when little Celine joins in, my jaw dropped wide open. Their voices perfectly complement each other, and it sounds like a match made in heaven. Even Steve Harvey’s reaction to their singing was priceless!

I have never heard “You Raise Me Up” sound like this before… It’s one of the best renditions I’ve ever heard!

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[Source: Little Big Shots]

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