Woman Wakes Up After Giving Birth To Find That Her Baby Has Been Taken By Another Patient

Facebook / Lory Beth Snyder

“At the time of the incident I was the only one with Lorelai. Neither of us had slept in quite a while, with all the chaos of a hospital, exams, blood work and other testing to find out what was wrong with her,” she continued. “So when I finally got her to rest, I myself laid down as well.”

Then, the unimaginable happened. “I awoke a little over an hour later to find that Lorelai was missing.”

Facebook / Lory Beth Snyder

“When I found her she was in another woman’s hospital room, in that woman’s arms, with a room full of six or seven nurses just laughing and playing with her and Lorelai. I didn’t know this lady. She was not a nurse or a doctor. Just another hospital patient.”

Lory Beth continued: “I proceed to take Lorelai out of her arms. Even though she persisted that I return to my room, without Lorelai, she stated repeatedly that I needed to just go rest. I told her, no that I was fine and I would be taking my daughter back now.”

Facebook / Lory Beth Snyder

“I removed Lorelai from her arms, and the nurses who had been standing around gathered up her things, because along with taking Lorelai she also took my diaper bag (which had been emptied around her room), IV pole, and crib Lorelai was in sleeping in.


“We then returned to our room. Three nurses followed me. They all trying to assure me that my child was in no danger, that they knew the patient, and she meant no harm,” said Lory Beth. “It was then that I looked up and saw that Ms. Harris (the woman, patient, whom had taken Lorelai) had also followed us back to our room.”

Facebook / Lory Beth Snyder

“She once again persisted that I return Lorelai to her, and that I rest. I told her no thank you, that we were fine. It was then that the nurses had to remove her from our room. After what felt like an eternity, the nurses returned to transfer us to ICU, so we were in a secure unit, that had security.”

“While I honestly don’t know if Ms. Harris’ intentions were intend noble, since she claims to of just been trying to care for Lorelai. I don’t know what she herself was ill with, something that could make my daughter sick. I don’t know anything! I don’t know what her actual intent with my child was. What she did with her. Or even how long she actually had her.”

Facebook / Lory Beth Snyder

“I contacted the police. Jonesboro PD stated that no crime was committed because Harris didn’t ‘intend’ to rape or molest my child.”


“Apparently anyone can take any child any where, and its not kidnapping as long as you don’t intend to harm the child. So says the law according to the Jonesboro PD,” said Lory Beth. “Whether or not the intent of harm was or was not there a child should never be taken in the way in which my daughter was.”

Facebook / Lory Beth Snyder

“Thank the gods that [my] baby is safe. We were lucky. Many parents do not get as lucky as we have. Child abduction isn’t something that should be so easily dismissed.”

Lory Beth’s story is terrifying, but at least her baby is safe with her now. How do you feel about the way that the hospital and police handled the situation?



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