Woman rescues cat from death row – cat can’t stop thanking her on the drive home

At Cat Rescue Newcastle, abandoned kitties get a chance to finally be adopted. Thanks to the kind support of staff members, volunteers, and foster care parents, many of these cats manage to get adopted before it’s too late.

This beautiful kitty, Henry, was rescued from death row with less than a day left to go. Cat Rescue Newcastle said, “One of our dedicated foster carers (Adelle) rescued this gorgeous boy from the pound. He had a matter of hours before his time was up but we swooped in and did what we do best; saved a life.”


“When I arrived and safely parked at the meeting place for his foster carer I decided to let him roam (in the car) since he had had a very stressful morning and was meowing constantly in his cat carrier,” Adelle said. Here he is playing with his new best friend, Adelle’s kid.


Henry was incredibly grateful. In this adorable Youtube video, see him climb on top of the cat carrier, and then nuzzle and kiss his savior! He’s so happy to finally have found his forever home, thanks to his owner’s compassion and kind heart.


Check out the adorable video below, and consider adopting one of these cats in need the next time you visit the pound. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.

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