Woman Decides To Live Stream Herself Harassing Officers, Cops Do Exactly What They Should


After an Iowa woman thought it would be “fun” to harass a group of police officers hard at work, she received instant backlash from her social media followers. In the live stream, Melyssa Jo Kelly of Cedar Rapids, Iowa verbally harasses the police officers.

While enjoying a leisurely drink at the Brewhemia café, Melyssa decides it is time to take her aggression out on the pair of officers who walked in and are sworn to protect and serve her community. Because the police officers are wearing a black arm band, which indicates their solidarity with fallen comrades, Melyssa takes offense and starts verbally harassing them.

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Earlier this year two Des Moines officers were shot and killed while sitting in their squad cars. It seemed to be an execution style killing and was completely heartless and cruel.

And recently on November 2, another police-involved shooting in Cedar Rapids left the unarmed 37-year-old Jerome Mitchell in critical condition after he was stopped for a routine traffic violation.

Kelly was appalled that the Iowa police left an innocent man maimed and nearly dead after stopping him in his car. She referred to that instance while she live streamed her protest and verbal abuse against the two Cedar Rapids officers.

With the camera on a young female officer, Kelly verbally abused her and forced her to face the reality that her comrades in blue sent an innocent man into critical care.

“She doesn’t give a s**t about the man who is in critical care at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics with a bullet in his neck from one of the wonderful and vicious thug brothers in blue,” said Kelly.

As Kelly speaks into the live stream, the female officer refuses to look at the camera and tries to ignore what is happening to her in the coffee shop.

Kelly keeps berating the officers. Eventually, she turns on the barista saying how he doesn’t have the “testicular ability to stand up for me.” Apparently, Kelly has attended an open mic series where she spoke out against the Iowan police and this man was there.

At the 3:15-mark a male officer approaches the woman who is live streaming and asks her to stop filming.

“I don’t want to go hands on with you and take you to jail, so I’m going to request right now that you exit the premises.”

The elderly white woman refuses to leave and continues to live stream her protest.

“If you come back to this location, you’ll be arrested for criminal trespassing,” the confronting officer tells the elderly woman.

Take a few minutes to watch this video and see why people are standing up to the police officers and protesting the status quo.

Check out the woman’s exit as she is escorted from the premises by the group of three armed police officers after they issue her with the trespassing warning.

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