WATCH: High School Girl Brutally Beaten On Camera For Supporting Trump

Parents of a student at Woodside High School are outraged after their daughter was viciously attacked for supporting Donald Trump. Sophomore Jade Armenio explained to ABC 7’s Katie Marzullo exactly what happened before she was attacked:

“This girl comes up to me and she said, ‘Do you hate Mexicans?’ and I was like, ‘no,’ and she said, ‘You support Trump. You hate Mexicans’.”

The girls mother was completely distraught and worried about her daughter’s safety:

“My husband and I don’t put our political views on social media. Kids still do it. That’s their life. We tell them don’t do it, but even if she does she should never be hit like that.”

The attack took place on school property and entire incident was captured on cell phone video. The victim says she is now being targeted on social media even though her parents have removed her from school.

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