WARNING: If You Ever See This At A Cemetery, Get Out Of There!

They are often the final resting places of loved ones who have passed on. Cemeteries are usually considered sacred and solemn places where people pay respect to the dead. Some of the older cemeteries in this country take on a strange and beautiful appearance. The headstones and grave markers can be considered works of art in some cases. This is why some people travel around the country exploring old cemeteries to see what things might have been lost. That is what drove one man to a cemetery recently.


A person on the popular website Reddit named CynicalSoup decided to head to an old cemetery in his home state of Alabama. The cemetery was originally created in 1817. The sign at the entrance is faded and damaged obscuring some of the words and letters. Many of the graves in the cemetery are flat against the ground with stone covers on top. The information about the person buried in the grave is carved into the flat surface of the stone. CynicalSoup quickly started to realize that the cemetery was in a state of disrepair. Some of the graves were clearly smashed and damaged by people over the years. Others seemed to be wearing away naturally.

CynicalSoup examined some of the damaged graves closely. He soon noticed that there were human bones still inside the graves. The bones had mostly been bleached white through the years by the elements. He captured pictures of the bones showing everything from femurs to skulls. He found the experience eerie.


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