If you want to protect you kidneys don’t do this!

The kidneys are one of the vital organs that proper body function depends on. Bean-shaped in appearance, these two organs are positioned laterally against the back muscles in the upperabdominal cavity right beneath the rib cage.

The list of functions the kidneys perform is quite long. To start with, they detoxify the blood, filter out waste through urine and remove excess water from the body. Plus, the kidneys retain water when the body needs more.

In addition, these important organs help regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body. They also secrete important hormones that help regulate body functions like blood pressure and formation of red blood cells – erythrocytes. These are vital for transporting oxygen and important nutrients throughout the body.

Proper kidney function is vital for overall health. A number of signs can point to kidney malfunction. The most common symptoms include change in color and amount of urine, dizziness, vomiting, anemia, breathing issues, feeling cold most of the time, tiredness or fatigue, itchy skin, bad breath and sudden pain in the body.

1.Insufficient Water Intake

Drinking insufficient amounts of water can be detrimental for your kidney health. As mentioned earlier, the main function of the kidneys is to flush out metabolic waste from the body and regulate erythrocyte production. Continue Reading Next Page..

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