Hillary Clinton has only herself to blame for losing the presidential election, according to Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

Newsmax reported that the aide, Kellyanne Conway, acknowledged that Clinton is a “woman of enormous gifts and talents.” However, she advised the former secretary of state to “look in the mirror” to reflect on her failed White House bid. “She should be commended for putting herself out there and running for president twice,” Conway said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” She added: “I can’t believe it’s always somebody else’s fault.”

Clinton suggested Saturday that FBI Director James Comey shares some of the responsibility for her defeat at the polls. Comey announced just 11 days before the election that the bureau was reopening its investigation of Clinton’s emails. Nine days later, he said agents had found nothing incriminating. However, according to the Democratic nominee’s campaign staff, the damage had already been done.

“We saw the polls tightening, as you must have, before the Comey announcement on October 28,” Conway told NBC host Chuck Todd. “I think to recognize the fact that 40 million people have voted; they can’t have it both ways in Clinton world. They were quoted that very weekend, Chuck, on your show and others as saying, ‘People have decided. People have already incorporated the email scandal into their voting decisions.’ Now, they’re going back and saying he had an impact. What about the fact that they just got it wrong?”

Trump “found a lot of voters who disagreed with the Republican Party all along and they voted for him,” Conway said. “Those were the undercover Trump voters we tried to talk about.”

Source: Newsmax
Photo: YouTube

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