Tired Of Getting Your Thighs Chafed Every Summer? Here’s The Easiest Tip To Prevent It

It’s not exactly something you want to chat with your buddies about. But (wink,wink) fortunately, we have you covered. Check out a few of our tricks for eliminating chafing this summer.

  1. Wear shorts instead of skirts or dresses: While the cool summer breeze feels great blowing around your legs, skirts and dresses offer no protection from skin-on-skin contact. If can bear to part with your maxi-dresses, a pair of moisture-wicking shorts may be a better option.
  1. Like your skirts in summer? Try bike shorts: If you just can’t handle the thought of skipping your favorite skirts, slip on a pair of bike or exercise shorts under your skirt. The shorts are designed to pull moisture away from your skin, and keep your thighs from actually touching. Talk about win-win! (Check out these shorts from Thigh Love which are specifically designed with chafing in mind).

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