He Throws A Bowling Ball Into The Dead Sea, What Happens It Just Plain Weird!


The Dead Sea is made up of 10 percent salt. Just about anything that you throw inside of the Dead Sea will float to the top. There are a lot more interesting facts about the Dead Sea that most people do not know.

If you want to float in the Dead Sea, then the only thing that you will have to do is lean back. The salt makes the water dense, which makes it easy for you to float.


You want to avoid putting you face in the water. The salt not only tastes bad, but it can hurt your mouth and nose. It is also a good idea to avoid staying inside of the water for a long period of time. You will have to drink plenty of water and take a shower after you get out of the dead sea.


A bowling ball is quite heavy, so most people would think that it would sink to the bottom. In fact, several people were asked about whether they thought the bowling ball would float or sink. Most of them said that it would sink. However, one man decided to test it. He threw the bowling ball into the sea, and it floated.

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