I Thought It Was Just A Strange Pattern In The Ice, But Then He Touched It And THIS Happened

Time and time again, we encounter things that we can’t explain

Well, we can’t explain them for the time-being, that is. The further you dig into something unknown, the more you’ll usually uncover about it. Some things, however, will remain a mystery, like big foot, the lochness monster, or aliens. That’s where these two guys come in. They ventured out about 1 mile onto the Utah ice and suddenly stumbled upon something they couldn’t explain. In an attempt to document what they were seeing, they took a video and later posted it to Youtube. In the video, they stumble upon what looks to be a design that is perfectly circular. The design consisted of multiple little holes in the ice, so they got closer to inspect it.


As they approached it, they realized that there was something inside of each and every one of these holes. These little slimy, squishy, white objects were scattered all around in a pretty appalling pattern. Mesmerized by it, they decided to go ahead and give it a touch (uh oh, alien contamination!). A few people have come up with some pretty good explanations, but none are definitive. Currently, a more favoured theory belongs to Reddit user /u/bbrhuft. In his comment, he says:

The unusual bipyramidal yellow crystals are indicative of a biological antifreeze Protein (APF). I suspect that the AFP from a low temperature tolerant organism inhibited the crystallization of the ice, producing this pattern and the roughly bipyramidal yellow “crystals”. The pattern is caused by diffusion of the AFP and crystallization of ice, causes emergence of structure via self-organization. It may be a rare fungi or even perhaps the blood of an arctic species fish caught and eaten by a predator. If the latter is the case these unusual structures may be known to the Inuit.

An alternative I read is it may be a viral add for Independence day resurgence.

Or you know, it could just be alien eggs and this is the starting of their invasion. Watch the video below and take a guess for yourself.


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