This Is How People According To Their Zodiac Signs Desire To Be Kissed…

Well, it is your choice to believe in zodiac signs and there are some people who believe in it way too much. They will make sure that each and everything written in their signs suits their personality. They also figure out if the partner they are with, has a compatibility sign or not. If you are indeed that much of a believer, here is a list which tells how your partner would liked to be kissed according to the zodiac sign.

#1 Cancer

They will try their best to make a romantic mood before they kiss their partner, which is because they want the other person to feel passionate about them. They are going to make sure that the surroundings go with it.


2 – Capricorn

They want to make sure that kisses are a part of their day. When you both are out on a date, they will be well-dressed and smelling all good. They want to show it off to your friends.


3 – Gemini

Their kiss is passionate and all they want is both of you to be drowned into each other.


4 – Aquarius

A kiss from their side is supposed to be physical and its not gonna be romantic. Try to avoid any emotional bonds until you are sure you love them.


5 – Sagittarius

They are prone to boredom, so you need to get playful and use different moves with them. Kiss different parts of their body, pass a smile and you are going to feel very naughty.


6 – Scorpio

They like to dominate and will love to take the lead. They would be happy if you allow them, arousing all kinds of emotions in their partners.


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