This Guy Dug A Huge Hole In His Own Backyard, And What He Did With It Will Make You Very Jealous

However, little did they know that what he actually had planned was one of the most awesome backyard construction projects of all time. And when he finally finished it, his neighbour’s curiosity was quickly replaced by burning jealousy. Wayne then dig a hole at least two feet deeper than the height of the container and put a six-inch layer of peat gravel at the bottom.

He was then seen putting a set of concrete steps and making sure the top stair was level with the top of the container. He later installed two I-beams, keeping them level with the stairs and the container top.

Eventually more framework was added to support the roof, and across this framework Wayne was seen laying sheets of heavy corrugated metal. He then left an opening over the stairs and surrounded it with rebar.

This of course after installing the two 12-inch air vents at the front and back, along with some PVC piping for utilities. Then a six-inch layer was added over the rebar and corrugated metal roofing.

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