There’s Something Tiny Following Us In The Grass. Let’s Look Closer …A Little Closer …WHAAAT?!

Having a nice walk in nature is always a good idea, right? But what happens when you have an unwanted companion? Plus you can’t get rid of him easily?

In the video below you are going to see a couple meeting a baby skunk during their walk. The baby skunk then goes after them and it seems like it simply doesn’t want to leave.

Returning another baby animal to its family won’t be a big problem, but in this case, the risk of being sprayed was too big. Luckily, everything ended well!

Of course this doesn’t mean all skunks are friendly like this little fella and you definitely shouldn’t go and play with the first skunk you come across. You know the saying – “It’s better to be safe than stinky“….I mean “…sorry“!

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