The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Birthstone


March goes with Aquamarine

This beautiful bluish green stone signifies safe journey. For the people wearing it is for to lower the temper and also to get the lead in a game.


April is like a Diamond

Diamonds express true love. These are the clear gems with rare natural hue. Diamonds are more popular today in different colours rather than clear white natural diamond.


May with Emerald

These ancient royal green gemstones symbolize good fortune, a new beginning and give the wearer foresight for good future.


June for Pearl

Its uniqueness is that it is produced by sea creatures and it is complete in its own way, no need for polishing and finishing. Cultured pearls are common because of its perfect shape and size.


July is Ruby

Naturally, harder gemstone Rubies are for health, success, wisdom and wealth. Success in love is what red rubies bring to you. Colour of rubies are the most important quality factor of determining its values.

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