The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Birthstone

Gemstones or birthstones are known to have cosmological powers and have an effect on calendar months.Find the hidden meaning behind your birthstone.

Which stone is lucky to me? Which gemstone associated with my birthday? Which birthstone brings me good luck? Must be confused? Adoring birthstones as a jewellery is pretty common since these precious stones are expected to bring luck and happy days in people lives.

The long back story behind the significance of these birthstones is the birth of the person in the ancient time. The Most popular story is of Aaron breastplate consisting of twelve gemstones representing twelve tribes of Israel. Birthstones do have a connection with twelve zodiac signs as said by the Jewish. People have a belief that to coordinate with their birth sign wearing birthstone would help. Following is the modern list of birthstone associated with your birth month, help you choose best jewellery which not only help you bring good luck but also assist you to look gorgeous with its mesmerizing charm.


January is for Garnet

Garnet is the symbol of everlasting trust and friendship. Garnet comes in wide range of colours and important countries where is precious stone come from are Sri Lanka, Africa and India.


February comes with Amethyst

February born people wear Amethyst are witty and have the pure and clear head. Amethyst is the purple quartz gem, is found around the globe. Russia and Brazil are the main suppliers of Amethyst.

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