A woman in New York City hopped on the subway train probably never expecting a fight, but a fight was what she got. A teen boy acting like a thug was disrespectful and the two started arguing. What happened was pure poetic justice.

The young man threatened to spit at the woman and threatened her with violence. The woman accepted the challenge and told him to ‘go ahead.’

The young thug, in front of all his friends, tried to prove how tough he was by putting his hands on the woman. No sooner did he give her a threatening push, she whipped out a can of pepper spray and shot him right in the face with it.

The thug’s friends even burst out into laughter at their buddy’s pain. He fell back on the seats and scurried away, wiping his eyes.

Hopefully that’ll be the last time the big tough bully picks on anyone. She may have been smaller than him, and older than him, but she sure outsmarted him. And thanks to the fact that video cameras are everywhere now, everyone gets to see a bully get his due.

Source: Inquisitr
Photo: Facebook/Ashlynn Young

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