Stare All You Want, You’ll Never Be Able To Figure Out These Illusions

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 16.29.11

Optical illusions are the ultimate mind fuckers. Usually they have a very simple explanation but that doesn’t stop them from making you go cross-eyed from staring at them repeatedly in utter bemusement.

Check out these animated illusions that will leave your mind boggling for days because no matter how hard you try you just can’t get your head around it.  Prepare yourself, the power of deceptive sight is about to blow your brains.


1. Little and large throwing and catching.


2.This shit is amazing. 


3. This guy has way too much time on his hands but I’m so glad about it.


4. I’m not sure if i’m being totally stupid but B was just smaller than A and then got bigger. How the shit did that happen?


5. Whoever did this must be unemployed. Surely no one has time like this on their hands. More importantly, where the shit is their furniture?


6. A sign that will turn librarians on worldwide.


7. Optical illusions the safe drug coming to an internet site near you. Wobbly. 


8.Shit, fuck stop you’re going to hit the pylons. Oh wait, it’s an illusion. Bit of luck no one over reacted.  


9. Magic.


10. When you thought the rubik cube couldn’t get any more bloody mad this happens:


11. I need this table.


12. And this chair. 


 13.  One look at these optical illusions and your brain might explode


What did I tell you? Mind equals blown. Optical illusions provide the best tool for hours of endless procrastination. No weed will be needed to leave you feeling dazed and confused. Can’t get enough?

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