Standing Rock Warriors Laugh At Being Told They “Need To Go Home” Because They “Can’t Survive The Winter”


With the Dakota Access Pipeline having been halted for the time being, Stand Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II said on Tuesday that with winter closing in, and calls for extreme weather conditions- for the safety of the water protectors, and best interest of the NoDAPL movement, protectors are urged to leave the camps and continue the battle from the comfort of their own homes.

In a statement released in the late afternoon of December 6th, Archambault said “I know we have prayed and continue to do so. Now you must believe in your prayer.”


Energy Transfer Partners cannot cross the easement, even if they drill,” he said. “Not only will they jeopardize the entire pipeline project, but they will also jeopardize their investors’ money and their bank loans. They may drill up to the federal lands to try to provoke the campers. They will do this to create the illusion that the Army Corps of Engineers made the wrong decision. We do not need to engage them in this; we need to go home. While this phase of the struggle relied largely on the protectors at camp, this next stage will be focused on the legal battles, and keeping the current decision in place.”

As Theresa Braine writes for ICTMN writes:

Archambault noted that the next administration would not easily be able to reverse the decision of Sunday, December 4, when the U.S. Department of theArmy officially denied the easements under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe, thus bringing construction on the last piece of the 1,172-mile, $3.8 billion pipeline to a halt while a full environmental impact study is conducted.

“This decision is everything we had asked for: a non-granting of the easement, initiating an Environmental Impact Study, and suggestive of a reroute,” Archambault said. “We got it! Energy Transfer Partners will face an uphill battle in trying to dismantle the process initiated by this decision.”

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