When one of the speakers at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in Iowa on Saturday began criticizing the candidate, a security officer ran on stage and pushed the man away from the microphone.

Kaleb Vanfosson, an Iowa State University student who is president of a Young Democratic Socialists organization, was invited to the rally to introduce Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to the crowd. Vanfosson began his speech by blasting Donald Trump. He called the Republican nominee a “part-time reality TV star and full-time bigot,” according to Western Journalism.

Clinton supporters were aghast when the student shifted his focus to the Democrat. “The only thing she cares about is pleasing her delegates, the billionaires that fund her corruption,” he said. “The only people who can really trust Hillary are Goldman Sachs. Citigroup can trust Hillary, the military-industrial complex can trust Hillary, her good friend Henry Kissinger can trust Hillary.” Vanfosson was referring to Clinton having praised President Richard Nixon’s secretary of state in one of her debates with Sanders during the primaries.

The student continued: “We can’t trust Hillary. She is so trapped in the world of the elite that she has completely lost grip of what it’s like to be an average person. She doesn’t care. Voting for a lesser of two evils – there’s no point.” That is when a man ushered Vanfosson off the stage.

Sanders, urging his supporters to vote for Clinton, pointed out that she has plans to cut tuition fees and lower student debt. Western Journalism reported that in the closing days of the campaign, Iowa polls showed Donald Trump leading his opponent by a narrow margin.

Source: Western Journalism
Photo: Western Journalism

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