School Kid Attacking People With Knives Before Being Shot By Police Caught On Video

A 14-year-old schoolboy is currently in a critical condition in hospital after he was gunned down by police on Wednesday. The student has since been identified as Logan Clark, a student of Hug High School in Reno, Nevada.

Clark was shot after he began to threaten a crowd of his schoolmates with two knives. The Nevada schoolboy was caught on camera aggressively waving the weapons around and lunging them towards his fellow pupils. More than 40 students witnessed the incident.


The police officer who shot Clark has since been placed on administrative leave, despite police officer Jason Soto claiming that the officer’s actions were ultimately necessary to “stop the threat”. The police have refused to answer any more questions for the time being.

Soto added: “Once the threat was stopped, the officer immediately began to provide medical aid to the student until emergency medical assistance arrived.”

In a video which has been widely shared on Twitter and YouTube, the scene cuts from Clark wielding the massive knives to lying on the floor, writhing in pain after having just been shot. You can check out the entire clip, which was captured on fellow student Eduardo Ayala’s phone, below. Further footage can be seen in the video underneath.

Jiselle Mandugano, a student who witnesses the shooting, told the Reno Gazette Journal: “I didn’t see him get shot. I just saw him fall to the floor. I was scared. I don’t know what I was feeling.”

Hug High have released a statement letting witnesses know that counsellors will be made available free of charge to any student or staff member who was affected by the incident.

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