SAVAGE: Girl Talks to Her BOYFRIEND on the Phone While Having SEX With Her Side Dude!

This guy is becoming known on Twitter for posting pics of girls while he has sex with them This time, the girl is on the phone with her boyfriend. Going for 100 retweets, he dangles the rest of the video as a prize.

#1 @OnlyKehns


#2 Shocked

Reaction ranges from shock to calling it fake.


#3 Not Loyal

She is beyond not being loyal, she is playing this guy in front of hundreds of people.


#4 Goal Hit

Now that h hit 100 retweets his fans are anxious.


#5 Delivers

He delivers as promised, and it’s as great as hey expected.


#6 Savage

He only gets props for this as his followers claim he leads the savage life.


#7 Props

His followers are eating it up, loving the whole concept.


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