A fallen Marine’s body was sent home and his grieving family was preparing for the heartbreaking funeral. The Kansas family found out that the Westboro Baptist Church planned to protest the funeral. Thankfully, there was someone to come to the family’s rescue.

Corporal Richard Bennett died in a helicopter accident and the family learned that the Westboro Baptist Church planned to attend the funeral, but not to pay respects or offer condolences.

The WBC frequently goes to funerals to cause trouble and get attention. The group of zealots believe God kills soldiers because America is too tolerant of homosexuality. They commonly hold signs that say things like, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.” They shout and chant horrible things at the grieving family and friends there to pay respects to the deceased.

Thankfully for Bennett’s family, the Patriot Guard also showed up. The Patriot Guard is a motorcycle gang on a mission: to create a human barrier so that despicable West Baptist Church groups cannot disturb funerals of fallen soldiers.

The Patriot Guard is doing everything they can to prevent the WBC from holding successful protests. The bikers form a human wall to protect funeral goers from the church’s vitriol. Guard members hold up flags to provide for more privacy. When the church members get loud, the bikers rev their engines and play patriotic music.

Thanks to the Guard, Bennett’s family were able to lay their loved one to rest peacefully. The guard vows to always try to be there to fight hate with love.

Source: US Herald
Photo: Facebook

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