Press These Points On The Body And Check If You Have Cancer, Parasites Or Bacteria

However, there is one simple way in which you can check if you have some bacteria, parasites or even cancer in your body. All you have to do is to press specific points on your body.

In many cases, swollen lymph nodes are a sign that a person is affected by cancer. They are located on the neck, around the head, armpits and groin. Enlarged lymph nodes may even form lumps behind the ear.

The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes, lymph vessels and organs (spleen). The primaty role of lymphatic system is to:

  • absorbing excess fluid, fats and waste
  • fight infections in the body
  • fight against bacteria

You have noticed that when you wake up, usually your face is a bit swollen. The reason is poor lymph flow. When the lymphatic system is burdened with waste which is ending up in the nodes and spleen, it comes to swelling and blocking of their function.

If you are frequently ill and you catch colds and infections, it may be a symptom of improper functioning of the lymphatic system.

If you notice swollen lymph node on the neck, it may be a symptom of a common cold or infection, but it might be something more serious like cancer.


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