When agreeing to perform a specific job or task, it’s a good idea to come to terms with what’s expected of you before you agree to do it. As a general rule of thumb, any objections should be raised prior to acceptance, otherwise there’s an extremely good chance that those that have tasked you with doing it will not see things your way when objections arise.

As Politico explains, there’s a pair of electoral college members that are failing to grasp that relatively simple concept. In fact, they plan on casting their electoral ballots as they see fit – and they’re encouraging other electors to do the same.

“This is a longshot. It’s a Hail Mary. However, I do see situations where — when we’ve already had two or three [Republican] electors state publicly they didn’t want to vote for Trump. How many of them have real issues with Donald Trump in private?” says P. Bret Chiafalo, a Washington State elector.

Chiafalo has joined forces with elector Micheal Baca of Colorado to form what they refer to as “Moral Electors,” and they’re hoping to persuade other electors to dump their ballots for President-elect Trump. Both insist that they are not looking to see Hillary Clinton elected, but rather hoping that the other electors will write-in candidates. That would send things to the House of Representatives for them to decide the election.

“It was a pipe dream that the Cubs were going to win the World Series. Pipe dreams come true,” Baca said.

Source: Politico
Photo: Jesusemen Oni / VOA

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