A video of a mother repeatedly slapping her infant baby in the face surfaced online, and many people across the world were outraged. A police investigation was launched and more information has been discovered about the incident.

The horrific video clip shows a woman in Kazakhstan on a sofa with her infant baby. As the baby cries, the woman proceeds to smack the baby 42 times for the camera. Some are so shocked by the woman’s brutal behavior that they’ve questioned whether the video was a fake, or if the baby was actually a lifelike doll.

An investigation found that the woman’s name is Aygul Kozhabaevna. Kozhavaevna was reportedly ‘teaching her child a lesson’ because the baby wouldn’t stop crying.

The young mother was staying with a friend, having recently moved to the area in hopes of finding a better life. She had her friend’s unnamed 8-year-old daughter film the video, and she sent it to the baby’s father demanding more money.

The distraught father says he reported the incident to social services but did not get a response. He posted the video online in hopes that it would get attention and force authorities to investigate. His plan worked and police took the mother into custody.

“During the interrogation, she admitted her guilt and the fact it was her in the video,” said a spokesperson for the police.

The woman is facing child abuse charges, and the Uzbekistan woman may also be charged for illegally crossing the border into Kazakhstan.

Warning: Graphic Content

Source: Independent Journal Review

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