Football is a violent sport, to begin with, but there’s generally an honor code among participants that the majority attempt to adhere to. While injuries are certainly a part of the game, part of that code calls for players not to willfully attempt to injure another player.

As AWM shares, this college football player doesn’t appear to adhere to that principle, and the outrage continues to grow after his violent outburst went unpenalized. The incident went down during a game between college football powerhouses Alabama and LSU, and video of the player’s actions quickly went viral.

Alabama linebacker Anfernee Jennings came in for an incredibly late hit on an opposing player. While the action was still technically going on, it was clear that the play was winding down as the ball carrier had gone out of bounds. Jennings proceeded to run full speed into an unsuspecting LSU player, who was completely leveled by the blindside hit.

While the hit was bad enough, the fact that Jennings wasn’t penalized is really sticking in the craw of many observers. A brawl ensued between the two teams, and there were a number of offsetting penalties that essentially allowed Jennings to walk away unscathed.

The many that are still upset over this player’s actions can take small solace in the fact that he’ll have to answer for his actions someday. If he fancies himself a player worthy of taking his talents to the next level in the NFL, he’s going to have a ton of explaining to do at pre-draft interviews.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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