A police officer saved a newborn baby from choking. The experience changed his life forever, and his parents have asked him to play a special role in the child’s life.

Georgia mom Kristen Parham called 911 when her 2-month-old baby girl was not breathing. “We were sitting outside, in my car, and all of a sudden she started gasping for air and white stuff was coming out of her nose and mouth,” the mom tells FOX 5 News.

Patrol Officer Kenneth Knox was the first to arrive on the scene. The officer could see that baby Ma’Yavi didn’t have much time. Something was obstructing her airway and she was starting to turn blue.

Knox performed reverse-CPR on Ma’Yavi and sucked a lump of cereal out of her throat. Immediately, Ma’Yavi began breathing again and smiled at the officer. Then her smiled turned into crying, which Knox described as ‘music to his ears.’

“Out of my 25 years being a cop, this is my greatest and most profound accomplishment,” Knox wrote on Facebook about the incident. “It made every second of those 25 years worth it all. I am forever humbled and changed by this.”

Parham called Knox a week later and asked him to be Ma’Yavi’s Godfather. The officer humbly accepted. He posted a photo of himself with the baby, introducing his new Goddaughter.

“I swear I will forever be your guardian and love you with all my heart,” Knox vowed to Ma’Yavi on the Facebook post. “I will be there for your first day, when you graduate school and college.”

“I know he is a great person and my baby will love him,” Parham said. “Every time she sees him, she gives him a big smile.”

Knox has recently said on Facebook, “[I] am the one who was blessed with her being brought into my life.”

Source: Fox 4 News
Photo: Facebook via Kenneth Knox

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