No One Under 16 Is Allowed To Spend The Night At This Haunted NY Hotel

Some of the deaths include one of the daughters of the hotel’s barber, Peter Greger, who lived on the second floor with his wife and two daughters, one of whom fell down a well at age three and was killed instantly. She can be heard playing throughout the hotel.


Mrs. Beatrice Shanley can be heard at times crying. She gave birth to three children and all of them died in infancy.

The ghost of Shanley’s sister-in-law Ester is said to roam the second floor. She died in 1918 after a bout with the flu.

On a lighter note, there was even a sighting of a ghost cat, which was caught on video. Late owner Sal Nicosia (who passed away July 5, 2016) said that he had trouble getting his own cat to come live there because of the ghost.


The third floor hallway (above) is one of the haunted hotspots, along with the bordello, which is on the second floor. The hotel became popular in the 1920s and was a popular hangout for the Irish mafia, and bootlegged liquor was sold there during the days of Prohibition.

Guests who have visited and investigated the Shanley have reported feelings of lightheadedness, shortness of breath and being overcome with feelings of joy or sadness when the enter the bordello.


A woman named Anna moved to the hotel from Ireland and she can be seen and heard in the bordello area on the second floor.

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