No One Under 16 Is Allowed To Spend The Night At This Haunted NY Hotel


Ask any ghost enthusiast about the Shanley Hotel and they’ll probably tell you that this former bordello in upstate New York is one of the most haunted places on the east coast.

Located just two hours north of New York City in Napanoch, the Shanley has gained a reputation as a favorite spot for ghost hunters and the curious, but it’s not a place to be taken lightly if you’re planning on spending the night — in fact, to even spend the night you have to be at least 16 years of age and everyone has to sign a waiver.

Rebuilt in 1895 after another hotel burned down, the 35-room building is ripe with paranormal activity thanks to numerous tragedies that occurred there, including mysterious deaths, accidents and even murders.

The hotel was abandoned in 1992, and the current owners bought it in 2005.

Shanley and his family in the 1920sFacebook

It is said that the ghost of owner James Louis Shanley, who bought the hotel in 1906, wanders around and can be heard whistling. He appears as a “misty apparition”.

Chairs will rock on their own, objects will move (one couple reported a ball rolling back and forth in a hallway), doors will open and close, and the sounds of music and voices can be heard as well. Some people have even reported communicating with the ghosts, who appear in clothing indicative of the 1920s thru 1960s, and there are well over a dozen of them reportedly wandering through the hotel.


Aromas can be smelled around the hotel, believed to be those of perfume, pipe tobacco (there’s no smoking inside the hotel) and the cooking of chef Emma.

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