Mother Reunites With Her Abducted Baby Boy… 21 Years After He Went Missing


Maria Mancia, her husband Valentin Hernandez, and their son Steven lived together in Southern California until 1995, when Valentin devastated Maria by kidnapping 18-month-old Steven and completely disappearing.

For 21 years, all Maria had to remember her son by was a single, grainy, black-and-white photograph, but earlier this year, she got some miraculous news.

In 1995, Maria Mancia was living in California with her husband Valentin Hernandez and their 18-month-old son Steven when something terrible happened. She returned home from work one day to discover that both her husband and son were gone… 

Not only had they vanished, but so had every single document and picture relating to Steven, even his ultrasound pictures. It was apparent that Valentin had kidnapped their son, but with nothing but a single, grainy, black-and-white photograph to work from, the police had little chance of finding Steven …


Miraculously, though, 21 years later, police were tipped off that Steven may be living in Puebla, Mexico. They cautiously informed Maria of the news and obtained a DNA sample from her so that if they found him, they could be absolutely sure it was Steven…

See the good news investigators were finally able to give Maria!


Wow, what a miracle! It’s almost impossible to imagine how difficult it was for Maria to go 21 years without knowing where her baby was.


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