Mother Late For School With Son, But She Never Expected To Catch Him Doing This Outside

A family in New Mexico got off to a late start one morning and school had already started by the time the mom dropped her son off. As he hustled to get inside, something caused him to stop short. His mother was so touched and proud, she snapped a photo that is going viral.

As little Royce Thompson ran into his elementary school, he heard the Pledge of Allegiance being broadcast over the school speakers. This stopped the young man in his tracks as he stood outside the school doors, hand over heart, in respect of the pledge.

A police officer standing right by the door looked on as Royce said the pledge and added a little prayer. When he was done, Royce ran inside and got to class.

The mom snapped a photo of her little man standing outside the school door. She posted the photo online and has gotten 2 million views.

“I couldn’t believe that he acknowledged that that was a moment that you need to stop and do the pledge,” said the officer. “it was awesome.

Source: Fox 5 DC, Newsiosity Photo: US Herald

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