Mom Will Never Be The Same After Man Taps Her On Shoulder In Vacant Lot

Mom Will Never Be The Same After Man Taps Her On Shoulder In Vacant Lot

Caryl Soucy had just dropped her son off at school when she heard what she thought was her tire going flat. She found the first place to stop to check on what was happening, which happened to be a vacant lot. As she was outside her car looking at her tire she felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around. Now, she’ll never look at things the same way again.

By the time Caryl got to the abandoned parking lot, she could feel that she was driving on her rim since all the air had been deflated from the tire. It was the last thing she needed that morning since she had a busy day and relied on her only ride, but she was confident that she could fix it and be on her way.

She explained in a social media post that she pulled into the Jervey Gantt parking lot, where her day would completely change when she least expected it, and she learned something that morning that she wants others to take from her experience. “I pulled out the worst jack on earth and my T-bar and tried to start changing my tire,” she said, noting that this was what she was doing when a car pulled in beside her out of the blue.

While struggling with the repair and inadequate tools, Officer Clark tapped her on the shoulder and said he would take over from there. She didn’t see him coming and hadn’t called for help, but he didn’t hesitate to get right in there and take over where she desperately needed someone to. “He didn’t even ask if I needed help or what happened, he just started helping me,” said the impressed mother who has never experienced such an act of simple kindness as this from a complete stranger.

Officer Clark changing Caryl’s tire

“He changed my flat faster than I’ve ever seen someone change one and considering the tools I had for him to work with, it was quite impressive,” she added. In a matter of minutes, her day was made better simply because the cop happened to pass by at the right time and saw an opportunity to do something for someone else when most wouldn’t bother with other people’s problems.

In a moment of frustration and having no expectations, Caryl was changed by this simple service that took a stranger just a few minutes of his day, but it meant the world to this single mother. “Please share this around so that he will know what his kindness and compassion meant to me,” she wrote in her post, hoping to inspire others to bless someone’s day if they can, but to also go easier on cops who just want to help. Officers get so much unnecessary flack from people who have probably passed many people just like Caryl by, but they are the first to criticize a cop for anything and everything they do or don’t do.

h/t: [LoveWhatMatters]

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