President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team currently have their hands full with getting all of the posts filled within the upcoming administration, but they’ve had a new crisis dropped in their laps that throw a wrench into everything. As the New York Times reports, the self-important fashion industry has started a conversation about a topic that absolutely nobody is wondering about.

Many people are still coming to terms with Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, and we can count the Council of Fashion Designers of America among that group. Chairwoman Diane von Furstenberg, a Clinton supporter, has penned a letter to the council’s members with some recommendations on how they should proceed.

“How can we help on the eve of this new era?” she wrote, before suggesting that the answer may call for members to “embrace diversity, be open-minded, be generous and have compassion.”

Not everyone is taking her up on the advice, including French designer Sophie Theallet, who made headlines for her announcement that she would not be dressing future First Lady Melania Trump. Theallet wrote a lengthy letter outlining her position but failed to mention that she wasn’t asked to dress her in the first place.

It also seems to be escaping her attention that there are thousands of designers that will be more than happy to take on the work. The legendary Tommy Hilfiger summed up that position quite nicely when the question was posed to him directly.

“I think Melania is a very beautiful woman, and I think any designer should be proud to dress her,” he said.

Source: New York Times
Photo: Flickr/ABC News

Do you think she should be able to just bow out like this?

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