Meet The Dog Who Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Like A Human Since The Day He Was Rescued

Stop the search, we’ve found the world’s happiest dog 🙂

“It’s hard to believe that this adorable doggy once lived a sad life as a stray on the streets of New York. However, one faithful day

12 years ago Brinks the Pit Bull met his dad and he hasn’t stopped smiling ever since.

Jon Bozak, Brinks’ owner, recalls that even though he had no plans on adopting another dog, as soon as Brinks hopped into his

car he made himself at home. After seeing him smile at passers by he knew there was no way he could let him go. Since then the

two friends have been inseparable and every day the happy pooch has been showing how grateful he is in the most amazing way

– with that big, beautiful smile.” by viraless

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