Man Finds Bag In His Apartment, What’s Inside Is So Messed Up

If you hear noises you can’t blame them on other people living in the home, and you’re just more vulnerable in general as a person living by themselves. One Imgur user found just how vulnerable he really was in a really creepy way.

He works in IT, on the graveyard shift. This means that from Monday to Friday, he’s out of his home from 1 a.m. to 12 p.m. It also means that when he’s at home during the day, he’s sleeping. He mentioned in his Imgur post that he tries to maintain his sleep schedule even on his days off.

While adjusting to his work schedule, he started noticing strange things happening at odd hours. ‘I started noticing weird things happening around my apartment when I would get home from work,’ writes the Imgur user, ‘or after waking up on my days off. Just little things at first, lights being on, that I swear I turned off, doors being left open or closed.’

The Imgur user lives on the second floor of his apartment, and every apartment in his building has two deadbolts: one on the inside and one on the outside. He also has a balcony, which becomes more relevant later on in the story. He mentioned that as the as weird stuff around his apartment kept happening, he could no longer blame it on his cats.

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