It Looked Bizarre When She Poured Cement Into Ice-Cube Trays. But The End Result…Whoa!


DIY’s are amazing, the satisfaction that we get by creating a thing with our own hands and the way want it to be. A blue strap or red, whether it should be green polka dots or pink, or whatever you wish for .

So here are 6 extremely simple steps to make cement card holders.

So go on read and let your wings of imagination take this flight.

Things you need for the magic.

Things you need for the magic.

1 Pins
2. Ice cube trays
3. Template
4. Square Shaped Cardboard Pieces
5. Tape
6. Stick
7. Mask
8. Container
9. Cement
10. Sand
11. Water


Step 1

Step 1

Stick the cardboard piece and the ice cube tray together and cut it along the lines as shown, as these will be benefit later.

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