ISIS Member Decides To Show Off Homemade Bomb To Fellow Terrorists, Accidentally Sets It Off

ISIS Member Decides To Show Off Homemade Bomb To Fellow Terrorists, Accidentally Sets It Off

It was recently reported that on Wednesday, an accidental explosion in the Hawija district of Iraq has killed a number of ISIS terrorists, including some senior leaders.

Iraqi media outlet Iraqi News has reported that a malfunction caused an explosive belt to explode and kill sixteen members of the Islamic State (ISIS), including senior leaders, during their meeting in Hawija, thirty miles southwest of Kirkuk.

An explosive belt (also called suicide belt or a suicide vest) is an improvised explosive device, a belt or a vest packed with explosives and armed with a detonator, worn by suicide bombers. Explosive belts are usually packed with ball bearings, nails, screws, bolts, and other objects that serve as shrapnel to maximize the number of casualties in the explosion.

Alsumaria, an Independent TV channel that was launched in 2004, stated, “Today, an explosion took place amid a meeting of ISIS members in al-Mahawes village in Hawija district (55 km southwest of Kirkuk),” adding that, “The explosion resulted in the killing of 16 members of the Islamic State group, including senior leaders, as well as wounding of 16 others.”

The TV station did not identify the exact cause of the blast, but pointed to a “defect” in one of the many explosive belts worn by ISIS members at the meeting.

“A number of the ISIS members wear wearing explosive belts during the meeting, and the explosion took place due to a defect in one of them,” explained Sumaria, an independent Iraqi satellite TV network that transmits on Nilesat, Hotbird, and Noorsat/Eurobird.

“The meeting was held to prepare for an attack on the positions of the security forces in Hamrin Mountains, al-Zawiya area and Ajil area in Salahuddin Province,” Sumaria added.

According to The Daily Star, the terror chiefs killed have not yet been identified, but the group has already been rocked by several high-profile losses. “Chief spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, who was tipped to be ISIS’ next leader, was vaporised by an American airstrike only last month. And a state of emergency was declared in Mosul, ISIS’ last stronghold in Iraq, after a wave of assassinations walloped the local jihadi hierarchy. The terror group, which is also known as Daesh, saw another two militants killed in Mosul just days ago by a shooter disguised in a burka.”

CNN gives an introductory briefing on the terrorist group: “The group began in 2004 as al Qaeda in Iraq, before rebranding as ISIS two years later. It was an ally of – and had similarities with – Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda: both were radical anti-Western militant groups devoted to establishing an independent Islamic state in the region. But ISIS – unlike al Qaeda, which disowned the group in early 2014 – has proven to be more brutal and more effective at controlling territory it has seized.

“ISIS put governing structures in place to rule the territories it conquered once the dust settles on the battlefield. From the cabinet and the governors to the financial and legislative bodies, ISIS’ bureaucratic hierarchy looks a lot like those of some of the Western countries whose values it rejects – if you take away the democracy and add in a council to consider who should be beheaded.”

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