When you stay in a hotel, you rely on the hospitality service workers to ensure comfort, safety, and cleanliness. You might be shocked to find out, though, that some hotels are cutting corners.

A businessman crawling into the covers one night found a disturbing item tucked between the sheets. He heard the rattling and pulled the object out. It was a piece of note paper with a frightening message: “If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”

The story circulated around social media. Scary as it is, investigative reporters have found that it’s not entirely uncommon. Inside Edition went to hotels and sprayed sheets with invisible ink that can only be seen with ultraviolet lights. Reporters checked in the same rooms the very next day and discovered the same exact unwashed sheets were left on the bed.

If you’re thinking this must have been some seedy roadside motel, you’d be wrong. It happened at a Marriott.

Other places in which hotel staff may get lazy is in inspecting for bed bugs, or acting on the problem once it’s found. Hotels might try to treat the problem quietly, without reporting it to the guests who might be checking into the room. This is why travel experts say it’s imperative for hotel guests to do a bed bug check before getting comfortable.

When you go into your hotel, beware of the ice bucket. According to travel reporters, these are rarely cleaned for next day use. Guests don’t just use the buckets for ice, either. Some people use them for vomit buckets.

Those with allergies are warned to beware of mold, dust, and other allergens. Hotel maids usually run through with a quick duster and vacuum, but rarely do any deep cleaning.

Travel can be fun and relaxing, but you don’t need to bring on any problems for a poorly kept hotel. Always do your research, be vigilant, cautious, and protect yourself.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

I would hate to get this note!

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