He Puts A Clam On A Table Covered In Salt, Video Has Been Seen By 2 Million People Already

One YouTuber decided to put a clam on a table top. But before boiling it up for dinner, the cook sprinkled sea salt all over the table. What happened is a miracle caught on video. The clam opens its shell and then proceeds to “lick” the salt off the table. And the video footage below has gone viral because of it.

But there is just one problem with the video description. It is NOT TRUE. Clams do no lick salt. In truth, they are actually not using its tongue at all. The clam is using its foot to try to dig deeper into the sand. The only problem is that it is not in the sand. It is on the kitchen table.

Check out the viral footage below to watch the clam working hard to survive!

While the foot of the clam looks like a tongue, the muscle is more akin to a limb like a foot used for maneuvering.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography biologist Miriam Goldstein told io9.com: “It’s probably trying to find a place to dig. I doubt the salt has anything to do with it.”

As you’ll see in the footage, after just  seven seconds, the clam splits open the shell and starts to push out its tongue-like appendage.

The mollusk seems to stick the tongue out and lick it against the ground. But as the description of the video states: “The ‘tongue’ is actually a ‘foot’.”

More than 2.7 million people have tuned in to watch this shocking footage of a clam on the table.

More than a thousand people left comments below the video to join the discussion that has raged since the clip was published.

“That’s bad for the clams blood pressure.”

“This is oddly cool. If someone saw this happen they would probably think that it was a snail instead of a clam’s tongue. When the clam sticks his tongue out you can kind of see it.”

“Clam says, ‘Hmmm, it’s lip smaking good…..’”

“it’s trying to dig..  not lick salt..  that’s how they dig into the sand hahaha”

“that’s gross and awesome at the same time”

The biologist Goldstein, quoted above, was asked to speak more on the subject. The told the Daily Mail the following:

“It is possible that the salt on the table is hurting the clam, which is why it withdraws its foot after touching it. [It is also] possible that the clam does not care about the salt at all.”

“One siphon sucks water in so the clam can filter out the food, and the other siphon squirts water out,” Goldstein said.

“The clam is not eating salt,” she said. “That appendage isn’t the clam’s tongue, it’s the clam’s foot. This clam on the table is probably trying to find a place to dig itself in.”

Some viewers and the scientist claim that the clam is reacting to the salt. We’ve shared video before where the Pacific razor clams reacts to salt too.

What is your reaction to this video footage? Do you find it gross or cool?

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