These Guys Found An Old Box Buried Underground. What They Found Inside Is Incredible.

Finding genuine World War 2 artifacts is a pretty big deal in the historical community. As more and more people from the World War 2 era die off, preserving items from one of the most divisive times in history is critical for us to never forget the sacrifices of the greatest generation. That’s why this discovery in Russia is creating such a buzz around the internet. Supposedly found in the Nevsky Pyatachok area of Russia, the item is intriguing people across the globe. While doing some digging, a box was discovered buried underground. The contents of the box hold quite the historical significance and possibly a whole lot of monetary value as well.


This thing definitely looks old and heavy. Finding something like this would be a dream come true for most people. Unfortunately I don’t think there were a lot of pirates in Russia, so the odds of it being buried pirate treasure are pretty slim.


Wow! These are all World War 2 related artifacts!


This is a German Reichsmark, the currency of Germany during World War 2. You can also see something to do with the Nazi party on the red card.

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