Great White Shark Gets Stuck Inside Diver’s Cage In Terrifying Video


I’ve never been able to fathom why people go diving with sharks. I mean, what compels someone to lock themselves in a metal cage and get dunked under water with one of nature’s most dangerous predators? No amount of money in the world would make me do it. You could have 30 trained snipers standing on the boat waiting to shoot, and I still wouldn’t go in. It’s genuinely mental.

Obviously, this stems from a pathological fear I’ve picked up after watching lots of scary shark movies and viral videos. Videos very much like the one I’m about to show you.


Footage has emerged on YouTube of the shocking moment a shark managed to get inside a shark cage. The video, which was posted yesterday on the channel Gabe And Garrett, has over 290,000 views already, and is definitely the sort of thing that would make you afraid to go back in the water.Flick over to the next page to see the graphic footage.

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