Germany has been overrun with refugees since the controversial announcement by Chancellor Angela Merkel of an ‘open door’ policy, and that’s led to plenty of problems that she remarkably did not have the foresight to anticipate. As the Independent reports, one suburban town has decided to take matters into its own hands.

The town of Neuperlach Sud is building a 13-foot high wall to shield residents from a nearby refugee camp. Residents have been concerned about noise, as well as the prospect of their home values decreasing. While the wall is definitely a go, not all local officials are on board with it.

“This is absolute madness, I was frightened when I saw this monster of a wall. When we talk about integration of refugees, I imagined something different. It just makes me feel bad,” said Deputy district chairman Guido Bucholtz.

Since Merkel’s announcement, more than one million refugees have taken her up on the offer. The country has become known as the preferred destination for those that are fleeing conflicts across Syria and Africa. There has been major backlash against the policy, but there are no signs it will be changing anytime soon.

Source: The Independent
Photo: 123RF, YouTube

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