Firefighters Rescue Elderly Dog That Fell Through Frozen Ice On Lake Michigan



Michigan firefighters risked their lives to save a dog that fell through thin ice last week. 

The White Lake Fire Authority said crews were called to assist Muskegon County Animal Control officers last Wednesday after the dog wandered onto the ice and fell through about 100 yards from shore. 

Credit: WZZM
Credit: WZZM

When rescuers arrived at the scene, the struggling dog was barking and trying to climb out of the water, but he was unable to pull himself out. Wearing ice rescue suits, crews ventured out onto the frozen part of the lake to save the dog. 

Chief Gregory Holman from the White Lake Fire Authority told Fox 13 News, “When looking at an ice rescue situation involving animals – if it’s a deer, we’re probably not going to endanger our staff and put them on the ice, but for a family pet like a dog we’ll do our best to rescue them,” Holman explained. “The dog was still barking, but was still in the hole that was created from him falling through.”

Credit: WZZM
Credit: WZZM

Holman and his crew arrived just in time, but the pup had become lethargic due to the onset of hypothermia.

Holman said, “As you get closer you get into a more crawling position to hopefully not disrupt any more of the ice – almost a slide-in method into the hole where you can gain control of the animal.”

Credit: WZZM
Credit: WZZM

Luckily, the 14-year-old dog was reunited with its owner, and Lana Carson, director of the Pound Buddies shelter, said, “It is very, very unusual for this dog to kind of stray like that. It just kind of wandered off and found itself on the ice. The owner is very happy that the dog is safe and sound.”

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[Featured Image: WZZM]



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