Disturbing Moment #Corpse Of #Child Saint Is Caught Opening Her Eyes


So let’s say for some reason, you’re in Mexico. Maybe you’re looking for an alternative area of travel to turn your Instagram followers green with envy, maybe you’re on the run from the CIA. We’re not here to judge. Anyway, at one point, you decide to pay a visit to the Cathedral of Guadalajara, perhaps to claim sanctuary from arrest, or maybe to soak up the cultural riches on display. This is when you come across Santa Inocencia (Saint Innocence, for the English-speakers), a 300-year old child forever encased in glass. Okay. It’s slightly creepy and you’ve (hopefully) never seen a dead body before, but they do this kind of thing in Egypt all the time and it’s considered cultural. So you take a good look at the well preserved dead body on display.


Which is when Santa Inocencia betrays her name and opens her eyes, looking through your pupils and into your soul (which, by the way, you no longer have). Of course, you crap yourself. It’s probably just that dodgy enchilada you had earlier.

If your imagination isn’t that great (and on this occasion I don’t blame you), there’s a video that’ll do most of the work for you, and leave that image burned into your retinas every time you close your eyes. Please turn over to the next page to watch the video.

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