Dark Clouds Rolled In, He Sensed Something Scary Was About To Happen. THIS Is What The Camera Caught

This phobia effects a huge amount of the populace. It is heavily present in young children. Apparently it is the 6th most common fear in the world! Which brings us to this video.Image result

Captured by Clint Blevins, it reveals lighting striking the water off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida. This in turn lights up the sky dramatically! Truly an intense sight. We get to view this amazing clip in slow motion and he shot it only a few hundred yards away. You really get to see amazing details.

While the above phobia may be difficult to deal with, it could save your life! As you’ll see, it’s definitely a good idea to run the other way once those storm clouds start brewing. Lightning is no joke and this video exemplifies just that. Check out mother nature at work and watch as she shows who is, and will always be, boss lady numero uno! Really incredible!



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