Culturally Appropriate Chicago Blackhawks Logo by First Nations Artist Goes Viral, Again


This Culturally Appropriate Chicago Blackhawks Logo by First Nations Artist Mike Ivall Went Viral

When Winnipeg radio hostsTom and Larryposted a “new and improved” and culturally appropriate Chicago Blackhawks logo created by Ojibway artist Mike Ivall on October 29th, the logo quickly went viral on social media, collecting over 15,000 likes, 12,000 shares and had been viewed by approximately 2 million people by that following Monday.

Ivall, who told theHuffington Posthe now designs hockey jerseys and logos due to the success of the image he first created in 2007, later told the radio show hosts why he decided to make the logo.

“At the time I was just learning how to use Illustrator [software] and I know how some natives are a little against the native imagery and stuff like that, so I thought, ‘Let’s just try something out and be literal about it,'” Ivall said.

Though Ivall says the image is an improvement, he is more concerned about the quality of life for First Nations people.

“I’d rather us put all the effort into trying to figure how to fix our communities. People are boiling water on reserves and you want to worry about an image of a logo?”

Ivall has issued a public thank you regarding the praise for his logo, but says if the Blackhawks ever decided to use it, he would be happy and sad. He posted on Twitter, “Thank You everyone for enjoying my Blackhawks design. If it ever happens, I would be happy and sad. Alas, I no longer own the rights to it.”

Ivall sold the design to the Ottawa-based AAA Hockey team, theMaplesoft Hawks.

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