Crazy Photo Shows An Angry Eagle Trying To Fly Away With A Young Child

From man-eating sharks to venomous snakes, it seems like everything Down Under is trying to kill you. However, one family thought they had signed up for a contained animal experience, which turned out to be anything but.


The popular ‘Eagle Encounter’ show at Alice Springs Desert Park gives visitors a chance to get up close with Australia’s largest bird of prey, the Wedge-tailed Eagle. The choreographed spectacle took a turn for the unexpected when one attendee got a little too close for comfort.

During the finale of the show, the Wedge-tailed eagle went rogue and flew straight at a six-year-old boy in the audience, attempting to snatch him up like a small animal. Luckily, the park staff were quick to intervene and the boy was only left with a superficial gash to his face.


The terrifying moment was captured by multiple people who were also in attendance and shared on Instagram. In their captions, people shared the experience from their vantage points as well as what provoked this Wedge-tailed eagle’s attack.

‘At a nature park in Alice Springs we decided to go to a bird show the young boy in the green kept pulling his zipper up and down,’ Christine O’Connell wrote in the caption of her Instagram. ‘For some reason the Wedge Tailed Eagle did not like it and instead of flying over the log he is meant to for a photo opportunity he flew straight at the young boy and attacked him.’

 The crowd was in complete shock as the dauntingly large bird with razor-sharp talons reportedly flew straight for the boy from about 15 meters away. It’s believed that the noise of the young boy’s zipper distracted and presumably made the the bird of prey distraught. The show was quickly wrapped up after the incident and the park has since issued a statement to the media.

‘On Wednesday, 6 July, an incident occurred at the Alice Springs Desert Park where an eagle made contact with an audience member,’ the park’s statement reads. ‘A thorough investigation regarding the circumstances behind this incident is under way and the eagle will be removed from the show while the investigation is ongoing.’


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