Man Caught #Drowning Three-Year-Old #Stepdaughter On #CCTV

On August 12, 2015, while traveling in Morelia, Mexico, Jose David N. was swimming with his stepdaughter. While the young lady’s mom was resting,security footage captured distressing clips of the 3-year-old’s stepfather holding the baby underwater and tossing her indiscreetly into the pool purposely mindful of the way that she couldn’t swim.


The frightening footage shows Jose David N. jumping into the pool,with the toddler in his arms, while trying to suffocate her by keeping her head under water. When the pool is empty, he pushes the young girl to the edge of the pool and recklessly drops her in. As his step-daughter struggles to remain afloat, reaching out for her step-father’s hand, the man walks away from the helpless little girl and shakes his head to suggest that he has no intention of helping her.Trying to keep her nose above water, the little girl is stranded in the middle of the pool with little chance of survival. While struggling for her life, the uncaring stepfather throws a lifebuoy at the little girl that offers little to no help as she struggles to reach for it.


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